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Then there’s this, from a brief “Dear Reader” note that Brown has supplied as well: “Thank you for picking up . You will not be breathlessly turning pages to find out who killed whom, etc.” Fair enough; one does not require murder or mayhem in order to have a good time. Shouldn’t something or other leave the reader feeling a little asthmatic, if not altogether breathless?And shouldn’t a novel, of all books, be at least a little “plot-driven? This intro nicely sets the stage by saying that our author is, in her new work, “recalling stories told to me by mother, my aunts, Dad, his brother, and uncles when I was seven, eight. Often, the storyteller, bourbon and branch in hand, added flourishes.” Again, sounds pretty great.It is often said that the best comedy springs from hard times. In this irresistibly readable memoir, she recounts the drama of her birth as the illegitimate daughter of a flighty blue blood who left her in an orphanage.The sickly baby was quickly rescued by relatives eager to adopt her but afraid she would not survive the long journey home.

She is best known for her first novel Rubyfruit Jungle.” Brown continues: “ is you and I sitting out back watching the sun set behind the Blue Ridge Mountains, horses grazing in emerald fields, hounds asleep at our feet and far, far too many cats imperiously surveying all.” Which, once the reader stops screaming, “You and me, you and . Stories about people then in their sixties, seventies, eighties, and even a few in their nineties, stories about my people . But perhaps it might have been better to reveal to newcomers that belongs to an ongoing series of books, which, grouped together, is called the Runnymede Series, as all are set in the fictional little town of Runnymede, which sides right on the Mason Dixon Line, so that one side of the town sits in the North, with all the politics and fussing and feuding that that suggests, while the other sits in the South, and a strikingly, almost overwhelmingly “Why, Miss Melanie,” version of the South it is.And given that, in setting in the years just after World War I, the memory of the Civil War is none too distant and the wounds of that war very much underlie those of the larger conflict that has just finished, Rita Mae Brown, while not promising a page-turner, does seem to be promising something more than just an historical pageant.According to a 2010 Wall Street Journal article, “…she rarely leaves her farm, preferring to socialize…on her back patio, drink Coca-Cola and watch the sun set behind the Blue Ridge Mountains.” A conversation with Rita Mae Brown, like a great mystery, could unfold in many different ways.Guest host Rich Fahle chose to ask Brown about animals first, then humans.

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Her depictions of the inhabitants and the era are pitch-perfect as are the many subplots. This is more loving domestic comedy of small-town life when times were simpler. Fans of Amy Hill Heath and Mary Kay Andrews will eat up this multigenerational ‘slice-of-life’ novel.”—Booklist “There seems to be no end to [Rita Mae Brown’s] imagination, inventiveness, or storytelling artistry. "Six of One", which ran from 1912 to 1980 was more expansive in time and plot, but "Cakewalk" is right to hone in on one 5 month period.