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is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England.

Among the college's alumni are three former prime ministers (H. Asquith, who once described Balliol men as possessing "the tranquil consciousness of an effortless superiority", Harold Macmillan, and Edward Heath), five Nobel laureates, and numerous literary and philosophical figures, including Adam Smith, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Aldous Huxley. Balliol College was founded in about 1263 by John I de Balliol under the guidance of the Bishop of Durham.

This event happens on the last Friday of Michaelmas term each year.

On this occasion, Balliol students congregate in the college hall to enjoy mulled wine and the singing of carols.

Along with many of the ancient colleges, Balliol has evolved its own traditions and customs over the centuries, many of which occupy a regular calendar slot.

The patron saint of the College is Saint Catherine of Alexandria. This dinner is held in memory of John Snell, whose benefaction established exhibitions for students from the University of Glasgow to study at Balliol (the first exhibitioners were matriculated in 1699) one of whom was Adam Smith.

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